first year's "blog-folio"

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but i.arc has started requiring their first-year students to do a blog where they post photographs of their work. Tommy (Lambeth- department chair) told me that it was to help them early-on with portfolio-prep. I think it is a WONDERFUL idea. I saw the link before on Suzanne's site and started looking through some of the recent work this morning. The projects are so familiar- I didn't see any bamboo, but I guess not every semester can focus ever project completely on one plant like ours did...

Anna Will's "Self-Understanding":
Challenge was to create a free-standing sculpture with eight self-portraits to allow others a better understanding of themselves.

Brittany Dasso's Self Portrait:
You remember these- picking up the highlights instead of the shadows with the light-colored medium. I always loved these- it's the drama without having to be perfect.

Kurt Huizenga's Memory Box Morph:
Challenge was to create a box, I think, morphing your box with a classmate's- this student seems to already have a knack for good craft. I looked down at his other work and saw this pencil box, as well. Someone to keep an eye out for.

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suzanne said...

Hey Kelley-

Thanks for posting about 1st year's work...I'm really proud of them!

I'm wondering if when you spoke to Tommy if he mentioned that he and I had wanted to ask you and Erin to be guest "blog critiquers" one week this semester for our students.

If this is something you all would consider doing please let me know. I think the students could really benefit from your feedback.