On sunday my friends, Lindsy, Camdin and I went driving through Highland Park (the "nice" neighborhood) in Dallas and went gourd hunting. These people have gorgeous Gourd diplays out in front of their houses... gets you so in the mood for the season. Too bad its still relatively warm in Texas because the only appropriate time for a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is early in the morning.

I have bought my own pumpkin that Camdin and I are going to carve and roast the seeds,this weekends. I think we are going to use one of your recipes. Got any ideas for the design??


traphic signs said...

the one in the middle is at the AXO-SMU house.

traphic signs said...

I love the pictures- it does help to get me in the mood- I'm definitely going to be carving pumpkins (possibly by myself, even!) this weekend. My favorite was the image in the middle, and even more-so after I read that it was a group of Alpha Chi's behind it!

A design, hmmm... one year I carved the Virginia Tech "VT" into a pumpkin- could be a nice representation in Dallas...

I can't think of anything really clever... words are hard, so no jokes, I guess. I might have to represent Ohio State and carve Brutus the Buckeye into one and the block O into another. Can't wait to see pictures!