One man's trash...

After searching for a quick second online for some vintage furnishing stores to visit, and impatiently wanting to see a full inventory of their stores online, I gave up and decided to go online-dumpster-diving. I went to craigslist and starting picking through.

It's amazing, some of the stuff you can find on there- either people KNOW what they've got in terms of the vintage appeal and it's priced accordingly, or they have no idea, it's cheap, but it's labeled something like, "used chair $15" which doesn't exactly grab your attention, especially after clicking on SO many that deserve the name they were given...and the price, for that matter.

Here are a few that I could see (with some tender love & care) being good finds. Granted, I won't actually purchase any of these- no money & no space- but I am on a mad and constant hunt for a new chair that looks reupholster-able for my bedroom. If you see anything, let me know! We're looking for something mid-century modern-danish (who isn't??) or somewhat art-deco.. I know those are all over the place, but I'm have a design-related personality-disorder these days.

*Look, especially, at the one at the bottom- $150 for an entire bedroom set that COULD be really cool.

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traphic signs said...

that is soooo funny!! I think that is the exact bedroom set that my grandmother used to have only in a lighter finish! i do believe that my mom is using it right now.

and that table... love it, i am into the round dining tables right now.