Halloween Party

Our friends and gracious hosts, Melissa and Luke threw a Haunted House warming party on Saturday night. That's them in the center dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad warewolf. It was complete with eyeball cupcakes, witches brew, pumpkin dip, a fog machine and bags (Luke even constructed the box himself!!).

The costumes were all really creative, and elaborate. All in all it was a blast! You can check out the rest of the pictures and more details of the ones above on my photoset here.

From the top left to right: Ben and I as Pepe Le Pew and Penelope; Nico and Sarah; Sarah Roman and Linda; Luke and Stephanie (Stephanie as a Gorilla hunter); Lindsy the Jellyfish; Luke and Melissa in the center; Roman (Campbell's soup) Eric (Bob Dylan) Maria (Edie Sedgewick) and Ryan (Andy Warhol); Ben making a stink; KISS pumpkin; decorations; Shannon and Sean as Mario and Princess Peach; Erin the Pirate; and finally the cupcakes.

Thanks Melissa and Luke for a great time!

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traphic signs said...

How cute! I remember meeting them- right? - at the mexican restaurant near you for dinner... I think...

Either way, love the costume combination you & ben came up with, but what really made it that night was the image of him releasing his stench. He really got into it.