puppy love

I was going through older posts of some of the blogs I've recently been led to, and as much as so many of these are devoted to finding great design in any form or fashion, I LOVE it when the authors take a moment to include bits and pieces of their home-life. Especially pets.

There's a site called paw prints that, of course, does this quite often. However, on happy cavalier the owner repeatedly posts about her two dogs, Jake and Maddy. This image says it all, and I'm so envious right now- I can't wait to share!


suzanne said...

I LOVE this...too cute...and your caption, ha! What sweeties.

I'll have to tell Lynne at Paw Prints to be sure to check out this post. I know she'll love it.

lynne said...

This is GREAT! Suzanne sent me over here -- and SO glad that she did! Not only are the puppies absolutely precious -- but the rest of your blog is great, too! I will be back, I promise! Thanks for sharing these!