mmmm Simply Breakfast

I thought this was a lovely way to start a morning. Photographer, Jennifer Causey, Has created the blog: Simply Breakfast, of her breakfasts every morning. All of them are beautifully composed and look delicious! I thought you would like this one in particular because of her avocado choice!

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traphic signs said...

Oh my gosh, I'm already starving and that looks SO good- I went to the site, hoping she would've listed what exactly I was looking at so I could drool for the right reasons... Looks like toast, avocado & cream cheese?? I'm confused and hungry, now. And what is that to the side?? Whatever it is, I'll probably eat it.

We're going to chipotle today- I haven't had it in a while- yummm... It's a big group, too- katie, eric, amanda, michael, maggie, me and adam (from work)- wish you were here but I'll get extra guac for you!