I love this city... since we got here yesterday all things have been going right. First we both got upgraded to suites at the Amalfi, which are 2 rooms overlooking the corn cobb buildings (I forget what they are called.) anyway, then we got free cake with our lunch yesterday. today we were making such great progress we left to explore the magnificent mile... it was fun, I wish we had had more time and a little more knowledge as to stores that are only in Chicago. All in all a pretty good trip so far. Link


MK said...

the water tower! one of the only buildings to survive the chicago fire! I miss home... :-( enjoy it!

traphic signs said...

I think if there were one place I would drop everything and move to (in the US- worldwide it would be spain) , it would be Chicago- especially if I had a place to live in those "corn-cob buildings." I went this past summer for a week and am SO in love with the city... some-day I'll make the trip- once I'm done in the south and care to make my way back to the midwest :) I'm glad you're having fun- I'm SOOO JEALOUS!!!!