I've developed this mini-obsession with photography: not necessarily my own (mainly because it would be a joke to refer to anything I have as actual, worth-while "photography") but looking at other's. I've been a long-time fan of Mary Kate McKenna and am a daily-stalker of both of her blogs- Keeping up with MK and her travel blog. By way of that, I think(?) or through Style Me Pretty, I found Jessica Claire, (recently) which led me to Braedon.

All of these people are amazing photographers, and while I don't have any kind of wedding in my future, I'm dying for a reason to hire them. I think I've looked at everything they've got posted online and have become so inspired to try and imitate some of their techniques. I'm ALL for enhancing photographs digitally- I'm a huge fan of high-contrast and over-stylized images, and it was so nice (as a complete novice) to read that the style isn't all in the original.

Over Thanksgiving my grandmother gave me an SLR 35mm that she had- she's since moved-on to higher-tech and digital cameras, but this is a Canon Rebel 2000, in pretty good shape, with a few different, basic lenses to switch-through. I, of course, had no room to pack-it and my mom is sending it to me, but I can't wait to start doing some research and practice. Meanwhile I'll keep checking-in on these guys and scouting the internet for other fresh talent!

I saw this one today on Braedon's site of his view of the Macy's Parade.

A picture taken in Brooklyn: reminds me of our treasure hunts around NYC to find your boutiques and stores... always nice for me to have a seasoned traveler to guide me!

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MK said...

You're so kind to mention me in the same breath as Jessica Claire!

The "new" type of processing is interesting- it involves Photo Shop things called "actions" that use layers and masks. I, however, haven't graduated to that yet- I don't do any post processing except b&w conversion and sometimes upping the contrast.

I don't even own Photoshop yet! But I just ordered it and in the off season (coming up here real soon!) I am hoping to play a bit! :-)