Christmas decor!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to start planning how we're going to tackle this christmas situation in our apartment- put away the harvest decor, and get out the tinsel because it's go-time!

I was looking through different websites for those subtle ideas- we talked last night and we'll probably try to keep it pretty low-key: we have a huge wall of windows / doors in our living room which is PERFECT to show-off a big tree, and then a few stockings... other than that, maybe a centerpiece on the table but the days of lights and garland gone crazy all over the apartment are going to be left with college. We're going to try to keep to tradition here and be a bit more modest.

Perfect place to look: Crate & Barrel. I love these plates they have- although paper, they'd be so cute for a holiday party! Then I started looking at the martha stewart website- not a huge fan of her, but some of her ideas are too good to pass-up. She has an article on Winter Wonderlands- first on the list? Biltmore! How appropriate! I would love to make it up to Asheville for the evening sometime, or just the day, to see this... finding the time is the trick!

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