Thanksgiving- I'm still full...

I had this idea that I was going to maintain my moderate portions throughout thanksgiving, be responsible and refuse to eat until I was in pain... Of course all of that went completely out the window. I wish I had taken pictures of our feast- my aunt did such a beautiful job of setting the table and preparing some of the best food I've had all year. My mom made a gorgonzola / walnut salad with a raspberry vin. that was amazing- the only thing I had two helpings of!

I only took a few pictures throughout the entire trip- I was too busy eating and enjoying some time with my family to do anything else. Here are the classics...

my two sisters & me on thanksgiving

a self-portrait of two of us turned into a self-portrait of the three of us..

my sister's dog, Lucy, on the ride to the airport- she's like a little person! so funny!

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