Collector's coins

My Dad and I had a conversation once about cities urban development and how they seem to collect buildings from famous architect's like normal people collect coins. The more coveted the architect, the bigger the city, the better they seem to think they are. I only somewhat believe this theory, I think at the very least it sparks an interesting debate.Las Vegas is collecting one more coin [so to speak] at the moment. Frank Gehry is developing a Alzheimer's institute in North Las Vegas. It just happens to be across the street from the World Market Center, so I get a good view of it. Of any building it is interesting to see the bones of a Gehry building, so I am glad I get to see this one in construction.

They have blocked off a serious road into the WMC so I am assuming they will have it all cleaned up and finished by the time market rolls around in January. I will give updated pictures on the finished project then. To hold you over... here are some pictures off the arcSpace website of the model. Click on the link for more info on the project.

photo via arcspacephoto via arcspace

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traphic signs said...

I love the model of this building- it looks like something we would've tried to come up with first-year, however... I heard (while I was at work) that there have been a lot of complaints about his buildings and their structural integrity. I know he's just one man, coming up with these out-of-world designs, but...

MIT is apparently suing Gehry, saying one of his buildings has problems with leaks and whatnot. They're saying, apparently, that the construction company told him that the building would leak if built according to his drawings and he waived the warning and had it constructed as-is. Now, as much as I love great design and understand that he's a guy that is hired to design buildings because of the way they have been designed- he's hired for his originality and his look- I also think that a guy of his caliber should come with that great design AND the integrity and trust that the building will hold-up. I'm sure the price he charges could cover all of that...

That all being said, I still love his work and can't wait to see this one finished.