White Wedding Scheme

I especially love the assortments of flowers!

I know I post a lot regarding weddings, especially for someone who is so far off from planning her own (or finding the person she'll marry), HOWEVER... I've known for a LONG time what kind of color scheme I've wanted- whites. Boring? Not if done-well. You can imagine how thrilled I was this morning to see posts regarding how that should / could be done on Style Me Pretty. I've known for a while that I'll have a stark white dress, and flowers in an off-white / champagne scheme. White looks great with diamonds :) My bridesmaids will have dresses in varying textures / hues of ivory / nude- none WHITE, though... and simpler flowers. My groom- well, at this point I'd like him to exist- I'll work out the details later.

Anyways, check out this image and the others on Style Me Pretty- they also have some guidance as to how to accomplish this look. I'm taking notes.

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