erin's travel bag (literally) #2

I have a few minutes, so I thought it was important to know THE travel bag. This is my carry on bag, (i believe you have the same one) from Milano Series. So you already know how awesome it is. I have it in 2 colors (at this price, why not have a couple?). This berry colored one is the one I am currently carrying.

I think that my favorite part of the bag is the outside pockets. You can stash anything last minute or that you need on a moments notice. I find myself stashing a magazine and book in one, and a pair of shoes, brush, plane tickets in another. Then the zippered part is perfect to holt things that you want a little more secure. It fits my laptop if I need it to, gym clothes for work, or works as a weekend trip bag. All in all it is the greatest carry-on "travel bag".

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