After seeing this on my homepage, I knew I had to dig a little bit for some more information.

Gateway has just released / announced a new computer- called the Gateway One -and while it is incredibly attractive looking, it's also a huge imitation of the iMac... the original beauty :)

I work on a Mac, and it was one of the biggest perks when I switched to this job- I "grew up" on Macs (assuming we're only talking about growing up within design), after going to school with a department that wards off PCs with garlic and salt. I think Steve Jobs is one of the greatest individuals to walk the face of the planet, and I'm hoping that my stock in Apple will pay off my credit cards, which have higher balances that can be partly attributed to my love for Apple products.

That being said, I've had PCs and actually have one right now for certain software. I still think they are inferior. I'm amazed at how much of a copy-cat this Gateway computer is, and furthermore, I'm just going to put on the record: I'm not fooled... Gateway comes out with this whole slogan- "Discover the Beauty and Power" -... at the apple store, where Gateway's designers discovered it first, on the iMac, before copying.

Irritating... but that's life.

And on that note, I'm finishing up some stuff in the office and then my boss has decided the weather is too nice for this, so we're taking a field trip to a few shopping centers- for "research" :) (did i ever mention I love my job??)

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