Dear Santa (Domino-Style)

I just saw this on Domino's Daily Dose- I hate to copy and paste the entire thing, but it's pretty hilarious and well-worth reading the whole thing.

(nick olsen's dear santa list)

"My List
Dear Santa,
Here is my list for Christmas 2007. I've been a very good boy this year: I kept up this blog, started paying off my credit card, and went into work extremely hung over only, like, five or six times. So won't you help me out with a few of these items on December 25th? My new apartment has a fireplace so you shouldn't have trouble getting in -- granted it's straight out of a Jacob Riis photograph, not the high relief splendor I used to know -- but just wait until you see this place next year! Thusly I am asking for:

1. Peace on Earth (duh)
2. A bolection mantel with pale green marble surround and hearth
3. A Moroccan rug
4. An IKEA red lacquer kitchen or one in custom stainless steel from Master! Kitchen! Builders! in Chinatown
5. A mini-fridge as I am not a family of five (and a dishwasher and ice maker if you're feeling generous)
6. A flat screen TV compatible with my remote and widescreen format DVDs (not like this French Audiovox abomination I have presently)
7. A monogrammed shower curtain
8. A Dyson vacuum

And ....

9. A perfectly slim-fitting peacoat
10. Our curtain maker David Haag's Martin Margiela boots in tan suede and chocolate brown leather
11. Custom fit button-down shirts from Polo (if they ever start making them again! PLEASE Polo!)
12. A better haircut
13. Books without pictures

I'm sure I'll think of more, but that can get you started. Oh, and I could use a few elves around here to work on this shirred/tented ceiling idea have so maybe you could spare a few once your high season is over? Let's talk. Thanks Santa.

(Readers, tell me what's on your list this year!!!)"

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traphic signs said...

that is so funny! i saw that a couple days ago.... now please do the Kelley's dear Santa List... and I'll do the Erin's Dear Santa.