erin's travel bag #4

I am getting my things together for the trek home, and I was going through my purse to slim down the load when I got to my ziploc "airplane bag". I find myself keeping all my lipglosses in a baggie in my purse even after a flight for easy access. Also, I tend to be very forgetful and absent minded with important things (just ask anyone who knows me.)

Three things that are always in my travel bag, and purse for that matter, are lip/face/dryskin remedies. Very important for dehydrating winters, and plane rides.My favorite pick is the Vaseline lip thearapy with aloe, unfortunately you can only buy it in England or online at the Brit store.

A close runner up from the Vaseline lip thearapy is the ever so useful Smith's Rosebud Salve. And it is sold Stateside! My Aunt (actually cousin) Jolynn got me hooked on this stuff when I was a mere teenager and it has been a staple ever since. Both the Vaseline Lip thearapy and the Rosebud Salve are awesome for chapped, lips, cuticles, chapped skin and to put around your chapped noses during flu season. (sorry for the imagery.)

Thirdly, I always have an airplane bottle size of Fresh Rose and Marigold tonic. My coworker and I bought it in Vegas last summer and I must say it is the perfect perk to a dry face. Really good for the dehydration on flights too!! I like it better than the Evian Mineral water spray. (although that stuff is pretty good too.)

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