boots for walking

photo via tangled wings

I got caught in one of those link to link to link surfing. I am glad I did. I started on Design Sponge guest blog, which took me to Self portrait Challenge and then to tangled wings ( a photography site.) I was drawn to this beautifully composed photo of the cowboy boots. After reading the essay with the photo I absolutely related and was hooked.

She talks about finding a clothing identity and expression through clothing. One of which she isn't quite confident in herself. I pondered my perception of my own clothing identity and the changes that people make to their wardrobe for different reasons, whether it be practicality or fashion. I attempt to do both, I am not sure if I am successful in this. I really think this essay needs to be read, it would be interesting to start a dialogue about that. And such a lovely photo.

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traphic signs said...

are these what ben's new dallas boots look like?

...hopefully his have spurs.