So growing up with three brothers and an architect for a dad, legos were bound to be involved. They were everywhere. I remember stepping on them in the playroom and having the tiny pieces cover the floor to be found days later even after playtime was over. The are pretty cool I must admit. Good for model building (remember the duplos you went out and got that time for studio?)

It was no surprise to me when Brandon mentioned one of the things he wanted to do when we go visit Addison in Denmark was go to LegoLand... pretty cool pictures could come from that one. So sign me up.

My dad sent me this picture of a "large church" (About 7 feet by 5 1/2 feet by 30 inches ) that holds 1,372 lego people. Pretty impressive. If only we had a year and a half to build such an elaborate scale model. Legos definitely arn't only for children!

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