garden stool

I bought this little garden stool at Target today. I couldn't resist the $30 price tag. I know I don't need it, I shoulda been saving and not giving into the mindless consumerism like the very strong willed Joslyn. I figure I loved it seeing it on the commercial and it is rather cute. And it is also multi-functional cocktail, side table, seat (although the boys seem to think that they will break it sitting on it.) and no I don't really have a garden. Ok, I am done justifying. I am just goin to stay outta Target for a while.


Joslyn said...

i am insanely jealous of the little garden stool steal...sigh

Shannon said...

I totally saw these in the sales circular for Target on Sunday. They have such an amazing array of cute things in their new Global Bazaar collection. I wanted to buy everything, especially the green stuff!