[i] news

Every so often our old department sends out an email- the [i] news -giving an update on the news and happenings throughout the students + faculty + alumni.  I think that each of us (and most students in similar fields) will admit that the semesters leading up to their graduation, they practically lived in their studios, the faculty was their family, and leaving it all behind after the screeching halt that is commencement was bitter-sweet.  I think I brought more stress on myself during that last semester than any other time, between my thesis, my job, my internship, my relationship, and trying to maintain a solid connection with friends that had already left... Its really nice to still be included in those emails and to maintain that small connection to all of it.

photo from Jevin's site

In this 'issue,' Jevin Dornic's new site is debuted, showcasing some work completed throughout the different studios / levels, giving a pretty good look at what everyone's working on.  The email mentions that there have been several accolades and praises to a design / build project done by one of the studios within the department.  The project was a home in the Greensboro area- designing it around a specific family, and then constructing it themselves.  The home will be featured, I think, in the March issue of Dwell, so keep your eyes open, and great job to anyone who participated in that- really, really impressive.

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