Vegas Update

Reporting from the middle of the desert and we had a couple interesting outings today. First, after lunch today we meandered over to this fine art gallery Dust, that is in this interesting little district with lots of thrift stores and mid century modern stores etc. They had this crazy interesting exhibit going on. As you can see from the picture above, they are these very fluid objects. Blobjects anyone? They were created by Venske & Spanle are made of the finest white marble, yes marble, from Italy. they wre pretty incredible.

Then we went to the Attic per Edward Walker's suggestion and i found some really cool mustard flocked fabric with flowers to cover my rcking chair in my room with. More on that later.

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traphic signs said...

I love these- so cool, and the fact that they are out of marble is pretty awesome... Have you ever taken two marshmallows and pulled at them over and over to make them into taffy? That is what this brings to mind..