Hugs are in the air.

image from instructables [another DIY laptop instruction]

I think that it is so funny when someone thinks of something, that there is some kinda weird thing in the air that brings it out to alot of people thinking about the same thing at once, like space-exploration circa moon-walking era.

Case and Point, I spent the other night sketching how I was going to make a laptop sleeve similar to the one in Amy Butler's book Midwest Modern, then I hear about these maloo covers for macbooks, then Ben sends me this link to a website called Hugs- "a one-off limited addition range of macbook pro sleeves to help protect your most trasured technology bits and pieces." The contest is over with the Hugs, but definitely check out the site its a cool idea.

Then I log onto DIY wednesdays over on Designsponge and the new team of DIYers Lauren and Derek are teaching us how to make a no-sew laptop cozy. ROCK!! So, anyway that is my next "quick I'm bored project" I am goin to take on when back from NY.

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