who needs sleep??

Have you ever had one of those sleepless nights where your mind was completely racing with ideas and craziness? What is even more frustrating is when you have one of those nights and you are seemingly unstressed about anything else! Last night (and I am pretty sure it had little to do with the time change) I could hardly sleep. My mind was racing with ideas as to how to build a cheaper work space for my apartment, and the easiest pattern for me to sew a slipcase for my laptop and then I started thinking about that bed I wanna build by the end of the year.

When I have one of those ideas, laying in bed or not for that matter, I am so thankful for my little moleskin sketchbook. Those things get me through... they all even have a cool little pocket in the back for [flat] treasures. They are the perfect paper weight and are just right. I found this particularly helpful when I was abroad and kept sketches, my journal, postcards, rubbings, photos and cool collections of stuff in there. I wish they made them in colors though so you could distinguish them from one another.

So.... my advice, never leave home with out a pencil pouch, gluestick and most important, sketchbook [moleskin] love it!

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