Pin-up space

I'm SOOOO excited about this one- I went to a shopping center last night in Lakewood, CO, called The Streets of Belmar.  One strip of shops, called Block 7, I think, had a design firm in the mix.  This is a picture of the interior of their office / storefront, and I'm TOTALLY going to have to use this idea...
When I get back to Charlotte my firm will have moved into our new office in the city, which is amazingly beautiful and I'm soooo thrilled to be in there, finally- however- it's got these exposed brick walls (gorgeous), which make pin-up space or any kind of anything requiring wall-space pretty difficult.  In that they are as old as the building (an old cotton mill), push-pins or tape or anything on the brick isn't a good idea.
So... I think rigging something like this- maybe three of them?- against the brick, behind my desk to pin-up cool images, calendars, notes, sketches, etc would be awesome.
Can't wait!

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traphic signs said...

Rock! great idea that will look so industrially cool on the brick walls. love it. can't wait to see how it turns out!