i need, i want, i gotta have.

photo of LaCie Little disk... from their website. it is the size of a makeup-compact!

I made a list of priorities, things that I am allowed to buy. This will help me with resolutions, #3, #4, #5 and #10. I am going to take Joslyn's 30 day no buy policy... and tailor it to fit my needs. I will only be able to buy the things on my list, food and essentials. This hopefully will allow me to save for the list. This should be interesting.

Here is my exception list:
1. a external hard drive... probably the LaCie little disk (I read about it in Blueprint, it seems perfect!)
2. a plane ticket to Denmark to see Addison
3. a new sewing machine... mine has hit the fan and is officially a POS.
4. iPhone... ok so i need a new phone and if you are goin to get one, go all out and get one to for your needs..... right? :/

So starting tomorrow... i will carry my list in my wallet to prevent any urges. This should be good.

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Joslyn said...

i'm proud of you girl