laptop sleeve...check.

3 things off my list!! no buy month isn't that hard with a list. Yesterday my mom graciously gifted me a sewing machine (they are on sale at target right now... so get going!)

This evening after a quick trip to return the first machine (it was missing a foot pedal.) I brought my new toy home and pulled it out to play. Mind you it's been a while since I have sewn anything and I can't do a perfectly straight line... practice makes perfect. But I tackled making a laptop sleeve for my beloved ibook.

It is pretty simple. I sewed on a ribbon first, this is to hold it in the sleeve. Hopefully it will help so I can slip it in and out of my carry-on bag easily at the security line. I took a blanket** (automatic quilted in padding!) and folded it over, sewed up the edges then flipped it inside out. viola!

**extra points for reusing a quilt and finding some old ribbon from a gift.

Now all I need is an iphone. haha. That one will probably be a while.

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Shannon said...

Looks even better in person!