"the itch"

photo courtesy of Keeping Up with MK

I need a vacation. I'm going to Hilton Head a few times this summer, which is going to have to do it for me... but I could really use a big one. Having grown-up in a really great family, I've had the chance to get to a lot of places with them and see some really, really, really amazing things- fishing for paranas on the amazon river in peru, touring a small swiss town with my cousins and sister, photo ops among the ruins in carthage... my grandparents are sharing their retirement with us, giving us a taste of what good saving can get you.

Next year we (my sisters and I) are going on a 2.5 week trip through the UK to celebrate Erin's graduation from high school, and the year after that we're doing a little private cruise through the islands of Indonesia (did that sound casual? Because I could probably pee my pants right now with excitement..) but this year I'm just going to kick it on the beach... having sweet dreams of trips over "the pond."

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