laundry chick!

Last night was an interesting experience. Probably the one of the most interesting you can have on a laundry night. I had several loads and decided it would be best to go to a laundry mat so that I could do several loads in a short amount of time. Ben with his clever google feature on his phone found a nearby laundry mat that also served beer (bar of soap... clever huh?) well this clever concept, which we found out after 7 loads of laundry had been put in machines and started, is also the host for 3 punk rock bands that night.

Going with the flow we decided this was going to be awesome. Now let me describe the set-up of this place, there are basically 2 rooms. The front room in which there is the bar and the back room with the machines. The back room is also where the stage is. So we hung out in the front room and I went back to switch my laundry and the first band was playing. At this point there weren't many people there so the lead singer is like, "welcome all three people that have shown up tonight, one of which is trying to do her laundry and get the F*** out of here." (That is me.) He later refered to me as the "laundry chick."Well my laundry is done so I go back to get it out of the dryer and low and behold 5 of the 7 machines that has my stuff in it is blocked by band equipment. I go on the search for the owners of said band equipment. I find them they are the *** insert obscene name here that is embarrassing to say by any one but the band members. They ended up being super nice guys and helped me right away. I even got pictures of their rad, gravity defying mohawks.

Lesson: #1 Find out if punk rock band is playing at your laundry mat before carrying copious amounts of laundry in and trying to get through crowds. #2 Do go and see punk rock band at local laundry mat. :)


traphic signs said...

love the hair... i wonder if there's a portion of the budget for hair products.

suzanne said...

Great story! I love it.